Mets Win! Citifield Ride

July 6, 2016 | ~28 miles

We decided to bike to Citifield for the Mets game starting at 1pm.   Using Google Maps, we mapped out our bike directions with an expectation of an hour and forty minutes to get there.

Brooklyn to Citifield
Brooklyn to Citifield for Mets game

We left Brooklyn at 9:42am and arrived at Citifield at 11:30am, an hour and half before the game. The ride took us through parts of Brooklyn and Queens few people think about or even venture. Who wants to go through the Maspeth Industrial Area? It’s full of trucks and industrial waste that makes you think you’ve made a wrong turn, but you haven’t. Truck routes are no good.  Willoughby Avenue in Brooklyn and 34th Avenue in Queens have good bike lanes that make the riding enjoyable.

The game was great.

Citifeld Mets Game
Citifeld: NYM vs. MIA
Citifield Mets Game
Citifield: Mets Win!


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