Graffiti Park at Castle Hills, Austin

We rode our bikes to the Graffiti Park at Castle Hill.  On top of the hill, it was on a narrow two-way street with cars parked on either side.  It was packed.   The Graffiti Park, similar to what was 5Pointz in NYC,  was an open lot, a building with no roof, just walls.  Anyone could spray paint and create, so there was an amazing amount of art visible.    People were ascending to new heights, about three floors above the ground, from the sides and the middle of the building.  Some people sat at the top of the walls and looked out.  Standing across the street still didn’t provide enough distance to truly capture the entire scene.

We traversed the scene, taking pictures and enjoying the beauty.  At some moments, we stopped and watched artists work on their own pieces.  At the top of the building, a great view of Austin and the neighborhood awaited us and it didn’t disappoint.  It was nice to spend some time simply looking around, taking in the scene below and appreciating the ability to create in a public space.  It was a layered experience and with each step it was possible to find entirely new art visible.

Art was constantly happening and that was amazing!

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