Jersey City Ward Bike Tour 2014

June 8, 2014 | ~17 miles


The Jersey City Ward Tour occurs once a year and this year was the 5th tour.  It was our first time participating in bike tour and we were excited about exploring the Jersey City neighborhoods.  As the organizers put it, “It is a tour and not a race.”  The pacing was casual.  Those who wanted to ride faster did and those who wanted to take their time did.  We were in the middle of the pack of 1300 or so people enjoying a Sunday morning ride around the wards in Jersey City.

There are six wards (neighborhoods):

  1. Ward A – Greenville
  2. Ward B – West Side
  3. Ward C – Journal Square
  4. Ward D – The Heights
  5. Ward E – Downtown – at Exchange Place the ride began and ended.
  6. Ward F – Bergen/Lafayette
Jersey City Ward Bike Tour
Jersey City Ward Bike Tour

The tour is about 15 miles though the six wards on main roads and side streets with police escorts.  We had a good time, took a break in Lincoln Park, and saw parts of Jersey City we had yet to explore.  Although there are some hills in Jersey City, try riding up Montgomery from Downtown, the tour managed to keep the steep hills away.  There were definitely some nice downhills.  Downhills are great rewards!

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