Off and early in the morning on July Fourth.  Thanks to our Forefathers, I get a Wednesday off in the middle of the summer.  A Wednesday.  It’s like the week’s been cleaved in two and we’re living amid microweeks.

Straight up prose will be writ up in here.  Clever turns of phrase and all les mots justes.

When you have Wednesday off, Monday is also mini-Thursday, and Tuesday’s also mini-Friday.  Now it’s Wednesday, aka mini-Saturday.  And tomorrow starts the microwork week all over again with Thursday in the role of mini-Monday.

Except tomorrow, will forever be known as Big Thursday or Real Thursday and Friday will be Real Friday or Big Friday.  Then full-on weekend happens and we’re back to business as usual.

Re: microweeks–the Jury’s still out on this from my perspective.  I think I prefer the three day weekends or Tuesday or Thursday off even. It’s easier to stretch into a getaway with the nearest Real weekend-adjacent. You know, Big Monday and Big Friday.  I’m not complaining, necessarily.  It’s just that it’s a little bit tricky to get into your weekly rhythm with a Wednesday off and the microweeks and all.

Working hypothesis this Wednesday it’s just like Saturday except with a little more tempo.

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