New Orleans on Bike

We arrived in New Orleans around midnight on Tuesday for Jazzfest 2015, but mostly to get time away from the progressive cold that’s been beating the Northeast all winter. It was almost May and it was still cold in NYC! So, like the birds, we needed to head South. New Orleans is a great South destination and the Jazzfest will make anyone happy. The music is great (and there’s plenty of it!) and the food is awesome. You eat, listen to music and simply relax (see post on Jazzfest 2015).

We also bike! Bikes are everywhere in New Orleans and the bike lanes are around the city. It is easy to get around on bikes and biking to the festival is another great thing to do. We rented bikes on Wednesday morning. Some bike shops were closed on Wednesday but we found one that opened because of the festival and was ready to rent some bikes. You can rent bikes for a few hours or a day or more. You leave your information and then when you return, whenever you return (we returned three days later) you pay for your time with the bike.

We rode to my aunt’s, then to Lake Pontchartrain, back through City Park and to Frenchmen Street to our B&B. Day 1 is the blue path on the map.

On Thursday we rode into the Lower Ninth Ward, Bywater, to Audubon Park, French Quarter and back to Frenchmen Street. Day 2 path is the green path on the map.

Biking New Orleans
Biking New Orleans

It was a great exploration of New Orleans. We rode through areas of the city we wouldn’t have ever experienced otherwise, found great places to eat, and discovered all that New Orleans has to offer. Riding and exploring a city makes us very happy. We know that we can go to New Orleans have a great time with or without Jazzfest. Of course, we went to Jazzfest because there’s really nothing else like it and we love it! Friday was awesome!

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