New York & Vermont Road Trip

The Summer was coming to an end and we needed a break from the city.  We love it here, but sometimes you just have to get away and enjoy the quiet elsewhere.  Our road trip was relaxing and fun.  We drove north into the Adirondacks, took the ferry to Vermont, drove down through Vermont to Albany, and  finally back down to Jersey City.

New York & Vermont Drive
New York & Vermont Drive

There were many stops on the way.  Storm King Art Center was amazing.  We rented bikes and rode around the sculptures.

Storm King
Biking around Storm King Art Center


In Saratoga, we made it to the last races of the season and won some money betting on the horses.

Saratoga Horse Race
Saratoga Horse Race. Go, go, go!


We hiked Mount Jo in the afternoon and Cascade Mountain the following morning.

Mount Jo
Yes, it keeps going.
Cascade Mountain
Cascade Mountain.  Yes, we’re really doing a high peak.

We relaxed on the ferry from New York to Vermont.  For dinner we sat at the chefs counter and watched experts prepare our, oh so delicious, dinner.

We rented bikes and rode the Burlington Bikeway.  There is a bike ferry that takes bikers from one side of the bikeway to the other.  It wasn’t working while we were there, but we and everyone else yearned for it.

Burlington Bikeway
We could see the other side, but no ferry for us or our bikes.

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