No Bats at Congress Bridge, Austin

Austin_6169We were ready for them but they were not ready for us.
In the rain and cool weather we waited.
The birds came by and landed on a tree across the river.
The ducks went by in a line.
A fisherman in a boat drifted about, throwing his rod into the water.

The squeaks of the bats can be heard but no bats were visible.
They leave at dusk, the guides say, the tourist list announces.
It is dusk but the bats do not leave.
Under the bridge we stand.
The couple drifts closer and closer to us with selfie sticks in hand.
They too hope the bats would take flight.

The squeaks continue.
People begin to line the little hill with umbrellas over head
as the rain poured and no bats leave.

Let’s give them until sunset.
It is grey and wet.
The sun didn’t make an appearance so the setting wasn’t much of an event.

No bats visible. Squeaks, yes.
Are they not hungry?
Do they not need to leave?  Maybe not.
Can’t even see some eyes in the dark.
It might be time for us to leave.

People on the bridge in the rain waiting.
Walk slow. Maybe they will come as we make our way out.
Stop at the board. Read about bats.
Maybe they will leave soon and we will see them.
Talk to other waiters. They said at the hotel that we would see them but we only hear them. We haven’t see one. We’ve been waiting too.

Okay time to leave. The bats are not.
Maybe one more walk down and around.
Don’t want to miss them.
Back under the bridge and up again.
The bats are not moving so we must.
Walk up but look back every few steps to confirm that we haven’t missed them.

Oh, bats don’t you need to take flight right now?
One more chance. We’re almost out of sight.
Come on now, leave!
Fine, we’ll see you next time.

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