Phila Wha’?

We made it down to Philadelphia due to Robin’s visit to the Chemical Heritage Foundation. We stayed in town and had an outstanding visit to what feels like the nation’s capital. The food is excellent. The staff at the restaurants and bars take pride in their city, and they know they’re providing top-notch experiences.

We visited the Magic Garden on South Street on Saturday.

As we toured South Street and Old City, we wandered around Washington Square and visited the Eternal Flame where I believe the unknown soldier of the Revolutionary War resides.

Eternal Flame in Washighton Square Park
Eternal Flame in Washington Square Park

We walked the streets of history, stumbling onto the Carpenters Hall where the First Continental Congress met. And wandering up through old grounds to the Rose Garden up on Society Hill.

It felt more historic and more beautiful than I recalled. We listened to the story of the 2nd National Bank. Of Andrew Jackson sending his friend the Attorney General there to claim its gold. Nervy! The storyteller was quite good. She portrayed both Jackson and his foil, Nicholas Biddle, quite brilliantly. Once upon a story in Philadelphia is worth checking out.

On our second day, we rode bikeshare bikes to the Museum and walked around to the spillway where we rented road bikes.

Philadelphia Bike ride from Old City to Wissahickon Park.
Philadelphia Bike ride from Old City to Wissahickon Park.

We rode along the Schuykill River and then up along Wissahickon Creek up to Valley Green Inn. We stopped there for a few glasses of wine and some wedding cake provided gratis from the groom who was about to head out after his reception. The chairs were set up facing the creek. It was beautiful, and the cake was delicious.

We kept riding up along the creek and then ventured to the left along a hiking trail that led to a mountain biking trail. We were on road bikes, so it proved challenging at times, but we braved it and were rewarded with a lovely ride through a meadow up in the foothills above the Wissahickon.

The ride back was a test of endurance, but we rallied well. Scurried back to the safety of our hotel via an Uber after returning the rentals.

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