Skylands, NJ Botanical Gardens

We live in a world of beauty that exist everywhere all the time.  Sometimes we forget.  Sometimes we don’t pay attention.  Sometimes we miss it.  Sometimes we need to be reminded.

IMG_2473[1]Buddha.  Peace.
Life buzzing.  Flowers blooming.
Fresh nectar. Calm water.
Memory bench.  Apple trees.

IMG_2462[1] IMG_2504[1]

A visit to Skylands, NJ Botanical Gardens, reminds us to take a moment to see the bees and butterflies and birds.  It reminds us to take a moment to look closer.  It’s amazing what you’ll see and experience.  It reminds us to stop moving so fast.  Relax.  Smile.  Let the world envelop you.  It reminds us that life is not a race.  Life is here and now.  Life is this exact moment!

We encountered an unexpected insect on our recent trip to the gardens.  It didn’t stop moving for a second and was extremely fast.  Taking a picture was very difficult and it took multiple tries to even capture an image of the strange creature.

Hummingbird Moth (Skylands 2011)

It appeared to be a small hummingbird but on closer examination it turned out that it had antennas and looked like a bee.  A little research and we found out that the insect was a hummingbird moth.

We learn something new every day.

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